Jeff Szuhay

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This page is a synopsis of my computing career; see also the details page for more information about each of these positions.

I am, in general, a highly creative, curious, and gregarious individual. A systems analyst by temperament, I have experienced a full range of computer activities from architecture to design, and from development to delivery, training, and sales. References and additional life information are available upon request.

Skills Summary
  • Extensive interpersonal and communications skills.
  • Extensive C and C++ programming experience on multiple platforms.
  • Moderate Objective-C and system framework experience on Mac OS X and NeXTSTEP
  • In-depth analysis and design skills (see Sample Work, below).
  • Comprehensive publishing and technical writing experience (see Sample Work, below).
  • Ability to adapt rapidly and perspicaciously to new technologies.
  • Focus upon software engineering best practices, effective design patterns, and operating systems.


Microsoft Corporation · SDET II · 12/2007 to 9/2014 · [to details page]
Software Development Engineer in Test for "remote file systems" features Offline Files, BranchCache, and Work Folders (Windows and iOS)
  • C/C++, C#, windows scripting, Hyper-V, test technologies
  • Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 to present versions

Volt Information Sciences, Inc. · Programmer/Writer · 11/2006 to 11/2007 · [to details page]
Programmer/writer working at Microsoft on the Microsoft Protocol Team.
  • C/C++, IDL, XML, core OS concept
  • Windows XP, Corel XMetaL, Visual Studio, Office

Dance Animation Labs, Inc. · Principal Developer/Founder · 2/2003 to present · [to details page]
Principal for software product development focusing on classical dance education field.
Product is a multi-media animation tool.
This is my personal company/project to which I give my full attention when I can. Since its inception, work has progressed erratically.
  • Cocoa/Obj-C, C++, Python, Quesa, OpenGL, QuickTime
  • Mac OS X, XCode, Interface Builder

North American Scientific, NOMOS Radiation Oncology Division
Senior Software Engineer · 9/2003 to 1/2006 · [to details page]
Designer/developer of cross-product DICOM data transfer capability.
Active participatant in DICOM Working Group 7—Radiation Therapy.
Maintain/enhance existing IMRT product for medical field of radiation therapy.
  • C++, Cocoa/Obj-C, CShell, Bash
  • Mac OS X, XCode, Interface Builder, OpenSTEP/NeXTSTEP
  • DICOM, XML, SOAP, gSoap

Point Park University · Adjunct Professor (Part Time) · 9/2001 to 9/2003 · [to details page]
Instructor of beginning and advanced C/C++ and
introduction to object-oriented programming with C++.
  • C++, C, Visual Studio, gcc, make
  • Windows NT, Linux/Unix, Mac OS X

Psychology Software Tools, Inc. · Lead Macintosh Engineer · 5/1998 to 1/2003 · [to details page]
Realtime application developer of runtime engine for Macintosh computers.
Developer of hardware and software interfaces.
  • Mac OS 9, C/C++, MetroWerks CodeWarrior, PowerPlant, Mac Toolbox
  • Windows 2000, Visual Studio, MFC, Win-32 API
  • evaluated: Mac OS X, Cocoa, Carbon, Project Builder, Interface Builder

Carnegie Group, Inc. · Senior Software Engineer · 5/1996 to 5/1998 · [to details page]
Systems integrator and systems designer for computer telephony integration (CTI).
Applications developer and systems integrator for service maintenance industry.
Systems integrator using third-party interface engine for healthcare industry.
  • C/C++, Visual Basic, Unix shell scripting
  • Visual Studio, SQL Server, ODBC, Win-32 API
  • Windows NT, Unix, NeXTSTEP, AP-DOS, various other OSes

KHP Services · Systems Consultant · 9/1994 to 5/1996 · [to details page]
Project leader and principal analyst for production system optimization.
Principal analyst and lead trainer for HSII system development group.
Principal analyst for data synchronization project between two production systems.
  • C, Data Basic, MUMPS (language)
  • Sequoia Pick (R83), ISM MUMPS (OS), HP-ux
  • HL/7, EDI X-12
  • Oracle, PL/SQL, FrameMaker

KHP Services · Senior Programmer · 9/1993 to 9/1994 · [to details page]
Programmer and analyst in the systems tools group.
  • Data Basic, C
  • Sequoia Pick (R83), Unix

UPMC - Peripheral Vascular Lab
Systems Analyst/Programmer · 9/1992 to 9/1993 · [to details page]
“Soup-to-nuts” programmer and administrator of computer system for
clinical and research testing laboratory.
Project leader for research projects and programmers.
  • Data Basic, Think C
  • MicroData Pick (R83), Mac OS 9, NeXTSTEP

Aha! Software · Applications Developer/Consultant · 10/1989 to 9/1992 · [to details page]
Database application developer for Macintosh platform.
PC and Macintosh applications trainer.
Provided documentation services for custom applications, presentations,
general and specialized courseware.
  • Think C, DBase, FoxBase, 4th Dimension, ODBC
  • MS-DOS, Mac OS 7, Novell Netware

Paul Franke & Co. · Staff Software Engineer · 6/1988 to 10/1989 · [to details page]
Project leader on system conversion for manufacturing firm—on time, under budget.
Maintenance programmer for retail and manufacturing accounting systems.
  • Data Basic, Proc, TCL
  • MicroData Pick (R83)


University of Pittsburgh · BS Computer Science, BS Business · 1988 · [to details page]
Majors: Computer Science, Business
Minors: Accounting, Mathematics
QPA: 3.0/4.0

Sample Work
  • Notes from the Field: Care is Needed when (Re)Seeding “tt800” · [to details page]
  • An implementor's precautionary note for the PRNG “tt800.”
  • Proposal for System Optimization · [to details page]
  • Last work focus at KHP Services
  • Executive Overviews
  • 3 overviews describing data replication between two concurrent systems;
    outcome of major systems analysis and project development at KHP Services.
    Introductory Pamphlet (PDF) · [to details page]
    HSII system to our MC3 system Pamphlet (PDF) · [to details page]
    MC3 system to HSII system Pamphlet (PDF) · [to details page]
  • Programmer's Guide to Writing · [to details page]
  • Part of an ongoing development of staff programmers at KHP Services
  • Replication Triggers Analysis · [to details page]
  • Results of analysis for replication with HSII healthcare system

Recent Activities