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This page provides details for my experience and education. Please also see the overview page for a concise synopsis as well as sample work and currrent activities. Additional information and references are available upon request.


Software Development Engineer in Test II  ·  December, 2007 - September, 2014

Microsoft Corporation
Redmond, Washington

As a member of Hybrid Storage Solutions team in Windows Server, I was primarily responsible for quality assurance of the Offline Files and BranchCache features for Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows Blue. Additionally I was responsible for the performance test suite for the application Work Folders for iOS.

Primary tasks included interaction with individual developers and project managers, review requirement and implementation specification for feature enhancements and new applications, write detailed test specifications to exercise functional and integration test following requirements, develop and verify new automated tests according to test plans, maintain existing test framework and enhance automation of various test pass types, execute the test suite, perform initial test failure analysis and interact with appropriate product team members, perform code coverage analysis for the target features, and provide assistance to customer support teams in field for Offline Files and BranchCache.

Some highlights include
  • improved the test suite reliability of over 4200 test cases so that the test suite passed 100% from about 95% in the Windows 7 timeframe, thus cutting test run and analysis costs.
  • maintain high quality in the test suite so that any regressions during feature enhancements were rapidly identified and relayed to developers.
  • lead the development of a standardized test specification template used by all teams in Windows Server for Windows 8.
Programmer/Writer  ·  November, 2006 - November, 2007

Volt Information Sciences, Inc.
Redmond, Washington

As a member of the Microsoft Protocol Team at Microsoft, assist in the process of documenting, verifying, and producing "over-the-wire" network protocol documentation. This group is mandated and overseen by appointees of the US Dept. of Justice and EU High Court.

Primary tasks include interact with individual developers and product teams, review C and C++ sources to lend accuracy to content, format documents using XML, verify and validate MIDL source, provide guidance to other production teams, and generally assist production activities surrounding the delivery of over 200 documents.
Principal Developer/Founder  ·  February, 2003 - present

Dance Animation Labs, Inc.
Oakmont, Pennsylvania

Creator, designer and developer of a novel software tool for the classical dance teaching field. This is an application integrating musical notation and dance notation to generate real-time three-dimensional animation of the human form performing classical dance steps.

Current primary tasks are to create a prototype to demonstrate this ground-breaking concept, perform detailed product life-cycle plan, and secure funding for phase 1 development.

The tool relies upon many recent advances in game design using Python and C++, 3d character animation using OpenGL and Quesa, and music play and presentation developed in-house based upon ABC Music. Movement is defined elsewhere but requires proprietary data representation.
Senior Software Engineer  ·  September, 2003 - January, 2006

North American Scientific, Inc.
NOMOS Radiation Oncology Division
Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania

Responsible for the enhancement and maintenance of treatment planning system software for Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT). Treatment planning involves integration with various patient image capture modalities (MRI, CT, PET), image analysis and treatment computation, and plan delivery to various treatment units. The system consists of over 2 million lines of C, C++, and Objective-C code and is considered the leader in IMRT solutions.

Lead designer and developer of company-wide DICOM data transfer capability. This cross-product project is intended to provide a standardized facility for the import, export, query/retrieve and printing of DICOM Radiation Therapy data sets with the added goal of simplified administration and maintenance. Project based in C++ using gSoap for lightweight RPC mechanism to disparate platform and runtime environments. Also, active participatant in DICOM Working Group 7—Radiation Therapy Committee and in the IHE-Radiation Oncology initiative.

Assisted in the development of image coregistration using mutual information. This involved the re-factoring and re-engineering of prototype C++ code to deployment-level code.
Adjunct Professor  ·  September, 2001 - September, 2003

Point Park University
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Part-time instructor. Taught beginning and advanced C/C++ and introduction to object oriented programming with C++.
Lead Macintosh Software Engineer  ·  May, 1998 - January, 2003

Psychology Software Tools, Inc.
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Responsible for the development, coding, and testing of the Macintosh version of the software product, E-Prime. E-Prime is a software tool for research and education in the cognitive and behavioral psychology field. It consists of an experiment editor/generator (GUI) application, an experiment runtime engine to collect stimulus/responses in real time, a data merging application, and a rudimentary data analysis application. Auxiliary hardware and software products surround this main product.

My primary task was to port the mainly Win-32 C++ code to the Classic Macintosh OS. My main focus was the runtime engine, until the project was cancelled.

Auxiliary tasks included research for and perform proof-of-concept development for hardware and software interfaces. These included a cross-platform MFC String class independent from MFC, a highly accurate yet reproducible pseudo-random number generator (PRNG), and data acquisition interface to a cardiogram.
Senior Software Engineer  ·  May, 1996 - May, 1998

Carnegie Group, Inc., (no longer extant)
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

As a member of the Carnegie Alliance Team, provided leadership in implementing computer telephony integration (CTI) solutions in conjunction with CTI vendor/partners. Primary focus was to provide application-level systems integration for call centers. Long-term focus was on corporate-wide participation in CTI systems integration projects. Acquired vendor product knowledge including Genesys T-Server and Versatility VTT.

As a member of the WorkBench/TestBench development team, was a principal contributor for a complete client-side field service application for equipment service and repair. This piece of a full client/server system interfaced via Lotus Notes to an AS/400 central server with land-line and wireless communications. Application was rolled out internationally to over 2,000 field service engineers.

In other, smaller projects, was on a team to develop a client/server application using Lotus Notes and Lotus Script; developed interface utilities using Lotus VIM and Win32 API; developed interface utilities using Win32 API and Acrobat Reader; and, developed internal development tools for proprietary WorkBench technology. Deployed platforms were Windows95 and WindowsNT (Win32 API).

As systems integrator, was trained in an "interface engine" product by Century Analysis, Inc., Concord, Calif., and participated in a major systems integration project for Bridgeport Hospital, Bridgeport, Conn. This project involved integrating five different hospital legacy systems. Platforms included HP-UX, DEC VMS, and IBM/CICS.
Systems Consultant  ·  September, 1994 - May, 1996

KHP Services (now known as Synertech, Inc.),
a subsidiary of Pennsylvania Blue Shield
Camp Hill, Pennsylvania

As a member of the Software Quality Assurance Group, provided leadership in implementing software engineering principles. Primary focus was to provide application-level performance evaluation and optimization for a large service-bureau computing facility. In this capacity, I optimized a nightly 27-hour process to run in under 2 hours. Subsequently, I led a team of programmers who analyzed and redesigned the primary runtime- environment. This resulted in a system load reduction of about 10% in a multi-processing system running at an average 97% capacity (very overloaded). Other significant optimization efforts were initiated and underway when I left the company to join Carnegie Group.

As a member of the HSII Software Management and Implementation team, provided technical leadership in client/server and enterprise architectures; programming support; training; and documentation to an MIS staff of over 90 programmers. Was key member of the initial technical team to learn HSII managed care application running on MUMPS. Developed training course for internal and external programmers using HSII's proprietary MUMPS development environment. Trained all, nearly 100, of our in-house programming staff in that environment. Trained external clients both at our facility and at the client site. Provided ongoing support.

Provided system-level analysis and design for EDI mechanisms for data replication. Provided design and analysis for a key client/server interface tool which later became a product offering in its own right. Provide technical documentation for development projects. Promoted from Programmer Analyst to Systems Consultant (a technical-track position).
Senior Programmer  ·  September, 1993 - September, 1994

KHP Services,
a subsidiary of Pennsylvania Blue Shield,
Camp Hill, Pennsylvania

As a member of the System Development and Quality Assurance group with the Pick systems division, provided technical leadership, support, training, documentation to an MIS staff of over 70 programmers.

As a part of the Tools development team, worked to analyze, design, code, test, and document various parts of the in-house development environment. Helped to define and establish standards for analysis, design, and programmer effectiveness. Provided on-going support for the maintenance of the production environment; this included a system-wide process-monitoring tool. Gave editorial assistance on the in-house technical newsletter. Promoted from Senior Programmer to Programmer Analyst.
Systems Analyst  ·  September, 1992 - September, 1993

Peripheral Vascular Testing Lab,
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center,
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Developed proprietary medical software application for the Macintosh environment using Think C. This application is being used in research peripheral vascular laboratories for the measurement of blood vessel wall thickness with respect to the growth of arterial plaque as a non- invasive means to predict and diagnose the onset of atherosclerosis. Images are captured with ultrasound equipment to the Mac and evaluated with this application.

Maintained Pick-based minicomputer system which provided all data collection and operations functions. Duties included daily routine backup; analysis, coding, and testing of functional enhancements; training and documentation; and performed needs analysis and system replacement recommendations.
Software Engineer / Consultant  ·  October, 1989 - September, 1993

Aha! Software,
Carnegie, Pennsylvania

Developed software tools and proprietary software applications for the Macintosh environment using Think C, AppMaker, and 4th Dimension. Database applications included animal breeding management, real estate (residential, lease-oriented) management, manufacturing proposal pricing system, and non-profit fund raising system.

Taught half, full and two day courses of Macintosh and PC applications to business end-users. Classes were intensive and involved from one to twelve participants. Subject matter included operating systems usage, word processors, spreadsheet and data analysis applications, database applications, graphics and presentation applications, project management, and networking.

Provided documentation services: end-user documentation for internally customized and client-generated systems, general and specialized courseware, and graphics presentations.
Staff Software Engineer  ·  June, 1988 - October, 1989

Paul Franke & Co., Inc.
(now Software Management Inc.),
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Maintained, analyzed, designed, and programmed custom business applications in team setting for transaction-oriented Pick-based computer systems. Developed an EDI (ANSI X.12) interface to an existing integrated accounting system. Performed design and analysis of a customized contacts management system to interface with an existing scheduling/booking system.

As project leader of a 6-month conversion project for a mid-sized manufacturing firm, successfully carried out conversion of accounting, inventory, and manufacturing systems on time and under budget. Old system consisted of batch-oriented custom-built COBOL programs on an IBM midrange; the new system is an integrated, interactive accounting and manufacturing system running on a Pick midrange. Cost savings and performance improvements were significant— break-even from conversions occurred within 6 months of completion.


B.S. Computer Science & Business (Dual Degree)  ·  June, 1988

University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Majors: Computer Science, Business
(this was an experiment program offered in 1985 which did not become an official program until 1991).
Minors: Accounting, Mathematics

QPA: 3.0 / 4.0

President, Student Chapter of the ACM, 1986 and 1987

Jeff Szuhay