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03 08 2023

Thu, 03 Aug 2023

The very next day …

There are a few things that appeal to me about Blosxom. These are

  • file-based entries. Each blog entry is a file. I like this because I can have have several topics I’m working on/thinking about in separae files. When one is “done,” it only needs to be moved to the proper directory on my web server and voila!, there it is.

  • dynamic and static. Out of the box, Blosxom is a dynamic file processor/html generator. As I learn Blosxom I’ll likely move more an more of the content from dynamic HTML to static HTML pages. I suspect it’ll be just another step in the process.

  • simple. The simplicity of Blosxom appeals to me as a developer. It is very similar to the source, build, run approach for developing programs. I am also fond of the way Blosxom takes the details of HTML out of the process; these are details I tend to obsess over, which means waste time over. I hope today to add a Markdown plugin which will make creating posts nearly completely eliminated the need to use HTML markup.

  • extensible. The simple plug-in facility makes Blosxom seem highly extensible. And with the careful use of CSS, JavaScript, Perl/PHP, and embedded HTML, Blosxom currently feels unbounded. Experience will tell.

  • flexible. With the ability to mix static and dynamic pages, markdown text and HTML tags, the variety of plug-ins gives me the feeling of enormous flexibility. With experience, I anticipate the feeling turning into actual knowledge.

I found this article about Blosxom: Less Is More about his use of Blosxom and subsequently the site Jason Blevins that he created with it. Lovely. This is the direction I intened to take my site.

Please stand by as we adjust the dials…

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