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05 08 2023

Sat, 05 Aug 2023

Twiddle, Tweak, and Frob(nicate)

I’ve had enough of this messing about with HTML and CSS for today. So tedious, so cumbersome. I really wish CSS and HTML had a built-in macro-preprocessor, much like C does. That way you could set things in a very consistent manner across a wide variety of HTML properties. Sure, there are HTML preprocessors out there; yeah, I know. But that’s just another step in the process, another layer in the stack, and really just another set of gunk to wade through when things don’t go as expected.

This, then, is the look for the site: colors, fonts, sizes, general layout. This layout should work well enough on full screens as well as tablets and on little phones. Maybe later—-much later—-I’ll attempt to minimize the CSS so it’s much cleaner.

Now I can focus on the overall organization of the site. Once I do that that, then I can figure out which bits of Blosxom will generate static pages (once and done) and which bits will have to be dynamic. Ideally, this can be done in an obvious way so that 6 months, 1 year, 5 years from now, I can reproduce what I’ve done—-exactly like leaving good comments in source code. So expect a bunch of mucking about with the site as it might go through some real gyrations as I figure things out.

Until I get to the final, or near final, organization, these blog posts are going to be more blather than I otherwise would want. Sorry for the blather. Ultimately, these posts will end up in the Colophon.

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